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Company  F.A.Q
1   Are your products genuine?
Of couse dear friend,  If need,we can provide the official authorization letter,  and if you confirming the order, we can try apply for the certificate of origin for you.
The most important thing is that our products have a one-year shelf life, and we can replace them free of charge if there is any quality problem after receiving the goods ,so rest assured。
2  Does your company have an agent in our local area?
I am so sorry dear ,we don’t have agent in your local area.
We are a secondary distributor. Only brand manufacturers have the power to set up agents in various cities.
If you choose to cooperate with us, we can guarantee that the price of the products will be more competitive than the local ones.
3   Does your company have any customers in our country?
Yes ,dear friend.We have many customers in your country, Many customers repeat purchases because our products have helped them win a good market.
4  How long is your delivery time?
It depends on your order. Usually we have stock and the lead time is within 3 days
Normal 1-3days packing, Express :7-10days,then you can received your goods.

5  what is your terms of payment?
Our payment terms are usually 100% TT in advance , According to the order situation, we can discuss again.
6  what is you payment methods?
We can accept TT(bank transfer ) western union and paypal .  T/T is more, may I ask which kind you accept?
Here is the introduction of our company:About us
8  Which country your company located in?
Our head office is in HongKong China. There are also several branches in mainland China.

9  Are you accept L/C payment terms?
I'm sorry dear friends, we don't accept L/C payment, Because of the purchase in the Chinese market, branded bearings cannot be used as L/C.
Our company can’t do it, and other companies in China can’t support LC too.
 we only accept T/T, Can you accept?
10  Are you an authorized agent?
Yes ,of course. We are an authorized dealer, If you need,  we can provide you with our official authorization letter.

11  What is your company's after-sales service?
Here is our quality guarantee. You may have a look.
 Our products have a one-year warranty period. If customers receive our products within one year, we can replace them for free if there is any problem。

12  Can you provide product pictures for confirmation?
First of all, I understand your ideas, but our company can only support the shooting of product pictures before delivery, please understand.
If you are worried about the error of the goods, please check the product description and related parameters in our quotation.
We provide the goods according to your requirements, please confirm

13  Why choose us
1) Competitive price can reduce purchase cost , increase your profit .
1) Sufficient stock to ensure delivery
2) Free samples can be sent to you for testing
3) Full range of bearings , can meet your different needs of all industries.
4) Have a good after-sales service system, so you can purchase with peace of mind
14  we need to pick-up.
First of all, our company's warehouse does not support door-to-door pickup now,, because there has been such some case where  customers came to pick up the goods and the operation was not smooth, which delayed the delivery.
Secondly, because we want to provide you with satisfactory service and ensure that you receive the goods smoothly, we recommend that you choose the forwarders we cooperate with, because they have rich experience in the transportation of branded goods, or you have  own forwarders in China, We can send it to him for free.

15  shipping procedures.
Step1: After receiving your payment, we will deliver the order to the warehouse, and the warehouse will arrange the delivery in order. The packaging time for the general order is 1-3 days
Step 2: After the goods are packaged, appropriate logistics and express delivery will be arranged and shipped to our freight forwarder
Step3: After the freight forwarder receives the goods, it will arrange the booking and rowing of the order
Step 4: After arranging the flight or ship, The goods will be shipped to your country or designated port.

Product F.A.Q

What are SKF bearings?
SKF is a leading bearing technology provider around rotating equipment since 1907 with experience in over 40 industries
SKF bearings last several times longer, reduce energy consumption, provide low noise & vibration levels & enables the high degree of running accuracy.
Explorer Series Bearings
· Spherical Roller Bearings
· Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings
· Cylindrical Roller Bearings
· Angular Contact Ball Bearings
· Deep Groove Ball Bearings
· Taper Roller Bearings

2.  Why are SKF bearings so expensive?
SKF bearings are NOT expensive. They are excellent quality and you have to pay for quality.
If you prefer to buy lower quality bearings and don’t mind having to constantly service them, go for it. You should know that an SKF bearing will generally outlive cheaper stuff by a factor of 10 or more… like buying 10 sets of the cheaper bearings. Now which one is cheaper?

3. What is the meaning of "B", "TVP", "BECBJ", "CC", "ECJ", "ECP" and "BECBP" on SKF bearings?
These are bearing supplementary suffix which tells what kind of design in that particular bearing model. The design can be whether the bearings have bigger rolling elements, metal or rubber seals, cage material, contact angle …etc. Each bearing manufacturers explain the suffix meaning in their website/catalog and it is best way to get information from there.
Here are some explanation of the suffix you listed above. Take note that TVP, B does not belong to SKF.
· BECBJ , BECBP are mainly used in angular contact ball bearing. BE=40 degree contact angle, CB=bearings are designed for universal match-mounting where they are sitting immediately next to each other. They have normal clearance. The last character, in your case J and P denote cage material. J is steel cage and P is plastic cage.
· CC is type of design in SKF spherical roller bearing.
· ECJ , ECP are mainly used in cylindrical roller bearing. Like CC in above case, EC is type of design in SKF Cylindrical roller bearing. The last character denote cage material. J is steel cage and P is plastic cage.

4.  How much discount does SKF bearing offer?
It depends on how much you buy from us , like everything else.

5. What are the benefits of choosing the best SKF bearing dealer?
As a customer there are no real benefits to choosing one dealer over another as long as they carry quality products. But do your research since many major brands sell a cheaper product that has the same quality but a better price.

6. Where I should I use an SKF and a Timken type of bearings?
Timken is mainly known for TRB Bearing (Taper Roller Bearing).
SKF is the leading company of Bearing,seal,sheild,Lubrication in each sector.
SKF produces most type of Bearing like DGBB,TRB,HUB,MSBU,ETC.(Deep Groove ball bearing,Taper Roller Bearing,etc.)
All type of Bearing are used on their application.
DGBB used for low load carrying capacity and high speed.
TRB used for high load carrying capacity and for low speed application.
HUB bearing mostly used for high speed.
DGBB BEARING used in Gear box etc.

7. What is the advantage of using SKF tapered roller bearing than Timken bearings?
The Timken one looks like it's cage is not steel.
If the bearings have the same number, they should be interchangeable.
Cages don’t have to be steel, plastic cages work just as good.

8.  Are Timken and National Bearings the same?
If the bearing numbers are the same the bearings will be the same. Timken bearings are made in both the USA and in China as are National.

9. Why do you use ball bearings?
Ball bearings have been around for a long time and have been used in many applications over hundreds of years.
Arguably the most common type of bearing, ball bearings are used in a wide variety of products and applications. From hard drives to skateboards, ball bearings are designed to handle both thrust and radial loads. However, ball bearings are usually found in applications with smaller loads.
In order to serve all these functions, bearings make use of a relatively simple structure: a ball with internal and external smooth metal surfaces, to aid in rolling. The ball itself carries the weight of the load—the force of the load’s weight is what drives the bearing’s rotation. However, not all loads put force on a bearing in the same manner. There are two different kinds of loading: radial and thrust.
A radial load, as in a pulley, simply puts weight on the bearing in a manner that causes the bearing to roll or rotate as a result of tension. A thrust load is significantly different, and puts stress on the bearing in an entirely different way. If a bearing (think of a tire) is flipped on its side (think now of a tire swing) and subject to complete force at that angle (think of three children sitting on the tire swing), this is called thrust load. A bearing that is used to support a bar stool is an example of a bearing that is subject only to thrust load.
Ball bearings work by transferring the load from the outer race to the ball and on to the inner race. Everything is able to spin smoothly since the spherical shape of the ball only touches the inner and outer race at very small points. However, this can also be a hindrance as well if the bearing is not used properly. Because of the small area of contact that is holding a particular load, the balls may become deformed and ruin the bearing if it becomes overloaded.
Since ball bearings have proven to do their job well and are also fairly easy to manufacture, they are used in many products and applications. Part of our everyday life, ball bearings are found in things such as blenders and exercise equipment. The list goes on and on. Bicycles, DVD players, water pumps, washing machines and fans are just a few of many day to day products that we use that use ball bearings.
Aside from everyday objects, ball bearings are also used in more technologically advanced applications as well. For example, the Hubble telescope, the Mars Rover and weather satellites all use ball bearings.
With continuous use in both old and new applications, improvements in lubrication have helped to extend the life of ball bearings. This has helped to reduce the need for maintenance and replacement. Some ball bearings are sealed and therefor do not require lubricant. Ball bearings that do require lubricant typically use grease.
Found in a wide variety of applications of all shapes, sizes and complexity, ball bearings continue to be a cost effective solution for a diverse portfolio of industries and products.

10. What manufacturer makes the best wheel bearings?
Generally the best wheel bearings are manufactured by NTN, NSK and KOYO of Japan. 
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